Rm 1 2 camp Nov 2015EOTC: Education Outside The Classroom

From time to time the children will go on trips associated with their classroom programmes.  Such trips may be to the Museum and Heritage Park across the road from the school, sporting and cultural events at other schools or within the city, or events such as the biannual Youth Leaders’ Summit.

Adventure Week

We are very lucky to have the opportunity on our doorstep to expose our students with experiences around our locality. These activities include, to name a few: surfing; sailing; kayaking; snorkelling; hiking; trampolining; Monster scooters; biking; art trails; beach experiences.

As alternative to a camp, the Middle and Senior Syndicate organise a whole week of activities to challenge and enrich our students.

Eel fishing Marae trip Nov 2015School Camps

On school camp the children experience a range of outdoor activities ranging from flying foxes, to water slides to kayaking and swimming.  We are very fortunate that we always get a large number of parents coming on our camps, so the levels of supervision are excellent.

While we are keen for the children to have a wide range of experiences on these camps and to provide sensible challenges, we are very conscious of Health and Safety and the teachers provide extensive documentation aimed at minimising any risks.

Kawau Island Camp Bentzon

This year in March our Year 5 and 6 classes are heading to Camp Bentzon from Tuesday 12th March until Friday 15th March.

The camp meeting held on Tuesday 20th March outlined all the planning and organisation.

A letter came home on Friday 23rd February asking all whānau to view the RAS prior to camp and to return the letter to say you have seen the RAS and have opportunity to give us feedback or ask any questions.

Risk, Assessment & Supervision Forms Kawau Island March 2024

_Website Version Kawau Island Camp RAS 2024


Kawau Kat IV Vessel Operations Manual (3) (2) (3)










Please share with us any questions or concerns that arise after reading these.

We will record any concerns and demonstrate how we have addressed these.

Please send any of your questions or concerns to the syndicate leader cassandra@maunu.school.nz or Principal claire@maunu.school.nz.