Our Shared Values

  • We want to be seen as a caring school where we help students make the best choices they can and to learn from whatever choices they make.
  • We want our students to take a growing responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.
    To be a successful learning community we believe it is important that we model the behaviours we expect our students to adopt.
  • We want all involved in the school to share and support the same ideals for our students. We see education as a shared partnership between home, school and community.
  • We want Maunu School to be seen both as a Quality School and a focal point for the community; a school with high but fair expectations for all members.
  • To endorse the above points we have formulated a set of values (Maunu School Five Feathers) based on a consultation process with parents/caregivers, staff and students.
    We also have formulated ‘Charters’ for Staff, Students and Parents.

1100 feathers

Maunu School

Five Feather Values

‘Flying high with the five feathers’

(aim high)

Respect – hei whakanui

(Caring, respect for self, others, environment and property, accepting of diversity)

Responsibility – takohanga

(Trustworthy, reliable, punctual, self disciplined, shows initiative)

Excellence – whakaaro pai

(Positive, diligent, proud, resilient, committed, enterprising, persistent, focussed)

Integrity – kia tũpono

(Honest, loyal, fair, humble, tolerant, accountable)

Curiosity – kia tirotiro

(Inquiring, critical thinker, innovative, interested, adventurous)


Moral principles and beliefs of the Maunu School Community

1- With the support of the home we believe we can contribute to the development of future citizens of whom we can all be proud. These are the values that will underpin all our programmes. They are all about learning to make the ‘best’ choices in any situation.