Maunu School Vision

‘The Freedom to Soar’      

Tukuna kia rere

Maunu School Mission

‘Be the Difference

Together we will make a Difference’

 Paul Shepherd Photo

It is a privilege to join Maunu School as principal. We are a proud school with commitment to being an exciting and innovative learning community. We have attractive and spacious grounds, set in a semi-rural environment. The school is very well resourced and employs high quality staff in all areas – teaching, admin, grounds and support. The school is supported by a vibrant community with excellent support from a hard-working, passionate and skilled Board of Trustees and Parent Teacher Association. Programmes are based on shared vision, values and beliefs where students:

  •  Learn to be curious and strive for excellence;
  • Care for each other, other cultures and the environment;
  • Develop the skills to be effective participants in an ever-changing world;
  • Are respectful, focussed and show integrity.

We welcome you to the Maunu School community and look forward to a positive and fruitful relationship.

Please contact the school for any clarification or information.


Paul Shepherd