Community Notice – Maunu School – Level 2

As you will no doubt be aware, the Prime Minister has announced that schools will be fully open from Thursday 9 September. The aim of this letter is to outline what school will look like at Alert Level 2.

Please read this letter carefully and any following communication.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the support you have given your children during this time. Staff have worked hard, in somewhat different and unusual environments, to enable students to continue with learning, be it in a different manner. We acknowledge the benefits of “being a family” and all the great things that people have been doing in their Family Bubbles. We look forward to connecting again with your children and with you. We can assure you that we are carefully planning the resumption of school and reintegrating students back into learning in a school setting. It will be interesting to hear what children have done in their bubbles and to build on these experiences as we return to a more structured school routine.

The key Public Health approach is to minimise the risk that someone gets infected in the first place, and second to ensure we can identify and contact anyone who has been in close contact with that person. Under Alert Level 2, any students and staff who are unwell must stay at home.

‘Bubble’ isolation in school does not continue at Alert Level 2. All students and staff will return to their normal classes as they were prior to L3 and L4. There will be no restrictions on the movement of students and staff between classrooms or at break times. Playground and shared P.E. equipment will now be accessible across the school. The school has strict requirements for hand washing and drying, hand sanitising and cleaning surfaces.

To reduce contact tracing issues, parents are not to enter school unless absolutely necessary. The exception to this will be parents of Year 0-1 students who may enter the gate near the school letter box, in between Rm 2 and 3, and are asked to remain outside of the classrooms until invited in. Parents or visitors entering a classroom will be recorded for contact tracing purposes. We ask every parent who does come on site to use the Covid App at the school gates and at numerous points around the school.

If a message needs to be given to the teacher, parents and carers are asked to email the teacher or phone the School Office wherever possible, rather than attend in person. Once you step on site, you are required to fill out the contact tracing register and it means we become a “gathering”.

School will be open for students to arrive from 8:15am. It is recommended that you drop your child off in a safe space and get them to make their own way into the school grounds and classroom.

Students will be able to be collected between 2:55pm and 3.10pm. Please discuss with your child where you will pick them up in the afternoon. We will have staff on duty in the Hall car park and Austin Road to ensure children are safe. School grounds need to be cleared as quickly as possible in the afternoon.

If you enter the school grounds to drop off or collect your child you must sign the contact tracing register, even if you have been into the school earlier in the day.

The school bus will be running as normal with the addition of hand sanitizer being available for students on entering the vehicle. However, as the bus now has reduced capacity due to distancing requirements, it is recommended that you find an alternative way of getting your child to and from school if you can. If your child is using the bus, you will be contacted by the school to supply information about dates you intend this to happen – am and pm.

The Maunu Educare programme will resume when school returns. Please contact Christin at  Maunu Educare, 021 946019 or  directly if you require that service.

Following Public Health advice for schools, no set distance between students will be maintained in classrooms, however teachers will endeavour to have them working so as to avoid the ‘moist breath’ zone. Students will be encouraged to cough or sneeze into their elbow, avoid touching their face and will frequently wash and dry their hands.

The school has strict hygiene practices with soap, sanitiser and spray and wipe available.

Students are not to share food at break times and will need to bring their own water bottle. The drinking fountains will not be available for children to drink from.

High touch surfaces in classrooms, toilets and around school will be cleaned and sanitised multiple times during the day.

Syndicate assemblies can resume, however we will work on how a full school assembly can happen.

Students who were supplied with a Chromebook are to bring it to the school office on Thursday 9th September.

It is important that, not just at school but at home, safe hygiene habits are practised by everyone.

If you have a child who might be vulnerable to serious illness or has severe underlying health issues, please contact your GP for advice and then contact the school to discuss a plan for them.

By Thursday 9 September, we will be in a position to welcome all students and staff back to school. Until then please continue to communicate with class teachers and enjoy the online home learning experiences available.

Below is a ‘Quick Check’ bullet list of Essential Information:

“At A Glance” Essential Information:


   Return to SchoolThursday 9 September. School is open for all children.
Before school Drop OffBetween 8.15 – 8.55am. Avoid coming into school if at all possible – let your child out and watch them enter the school grounds

No early drop offs.

After school Pick UpBetween 2.55 – 3.10pm. Avoid coming into school if at all possible – wait outside the gates. No late pick ups.
Drink BottleEach child will need their own personal drink bottle.
Sick ChildrenChildren who are sick or unwell must stay away from school.

If staff feel that a child is unwell during the day, or the child complains of being unwell, they will be sent to the sick bay and parents will be contacted.

We cannot have children at school if they are unwell or complain of being unwell. It would be wise to talk to your child about this, to avoid undue interruption to your work.

Parents & Visitors coming into the schoolAll parents & visitors who enter the school grounds must sign a “Contact Tracing” register. These are held in the classrooms and the school office.

Each person must sign this register each time they enter the school grounds, no matter how often during the day. You should also use the Covid Tracer App.   This is the case even if you do not enter a classroom.

Physical DistancingFor school children and staff, there are no physical distancing requirements. Parents & visitors must maintain a 2m physical distance.
Contacting School StaffPlease email or phone the school office any messages.

This includes a request to contact the teacher – they will respond when they have a chance. Avoid coming on site to tell the teacher something that could be given by email or phone.

Office AreaIf you need to visit the office area, please maintain the 2m distance. If there is someone else in the office foyer, you will need to wait outside until they leave.

You will be required to sign the contact tracing register.

ChromebookIf you received a chromebook for online learning, this must be returned to the school office on Thursday 9 September. Mrs Turton will collect it from there. If it is not returned we will contact you.
Bus TransportThe school bus will be running. There are some differences to the limit of students who can travel. Children must use the hand sanitiser when getting on (if provided) and must remain seated.

The school must give the bus company a daily list of children using the bus.

If your child is intending to take the bus daily, you must notify the school when there is a change.

If at all possible, it is suggested to find alternative ways of getting your child to school until the rules change.

On the MoE school bus run for school children only, children do not need to wear masks.

On any public bus run, children over 12 must wear a mask and it is recommended that all people wear a mask.

New Entrant (NE) childrenFor children who are about to start school, Jenny Canty will be in touch

to organise when and how this will happen for each child. Please wait for Jenny to contact you.

Special Events or Vulnerable ChildrenIf there has been a significant event that occurred during L4 or L3 that may have an impact on your child’s return to school (family, health, workwise etc), please contact the class teacher or the office.

If your child has a compromised health or underlying condition that will prevent them from attending school, please contact the school office and we will provide a home programme for them.

School Events








  Staff Only Day – 24th Sept postponed.

At level 2 the school functions reasonably normally. However, we cannot hold any events where parents would come on site. As soon as one “outsider” enters the school we are then seen to be a gathering.

As we hear more details about the length of Level 2, we will let you know about specific organisation. Unfortunately, we are unable to have coaches other than teachers on site during school times. After school practices are the responsibility of each code, so you will need to contact coaches for information.

Events such as Cross Country, Production cannot happen with parents coming on site.

Please look out for notices of any event changes.

Be assured: we are working hard to have an alternative way of doing the production “A Million Dreams”.


This was scheduled for Friday 24th September for staff PD. This will now be postponed until a date in term 4.



Please read the school newsletter and any specific Covid information carefully.

I will send up-dates via the App on a regular basis and these will also be posted on the school’s website.

Face MasksMasks are not required at schools and early learning services at Alert levels 2. The information we have had from the Ministry of Health was that for younger children masks can be more of a problem than they are worth. There are also considerations around children with impaired hearing, facial expressions, hygiene with touching masks, what constitutes a mask etc.

If a child chooses to wear a mask, they must do this properly and the mask must be acceptable to us as a school. If we are concerned about the mask, we will supply the child with an approved one for them to wear.

QR CodeWe have placed the NZ Covid tracer App QR Code around the school for you to use for your personal contact tracing.
School LunchesFriday Sausage sizzle is cancelled until further notice.Lunchonline has refunded any pre orders to your account.

Tuesday Sushi – Will be available from Tues 14 Sep via lunchonline

Wednesday Lunches – Will be avail from Wed 15 Sep via lunchonline

Maunu EducareOpen from Thursday 9 Sep. Please confirm bookings with them.







Maunu School Important Message to Community, 29th August 2021

Children Requiring to come to Maunu School for Level 3

Kia Ora Parents and Caregivers

It is important that you read each email that comes out carefully and that you respond quickly to any questionnaires or request for information. Failure to meet deadlines may mean you are not able to take up some of the options available.


On Monday 30th  August  Whangarei we hear what Level we go into. With this in mind we need to gather information very quickly about who will be returning to school under L3 should that be the decision. Please read this information sheet carefully.


When we go into Level 3, the key message for you is that if you can, you should keep your child at home. You should only physically send your child to school if you need to. If your child has a health condition that means they are at a greater risk of a severe illness you must keep them at home.  If your child is sick please also ensure you keep them at home.


Moving into Alert Level 3 requires all of us to be very aware of contact rules and social distancing. I would like you to consider that our staff have their own “bubbles” and families to think of, as do any students who need to attend school.

In order to ensure the safety of those children and our staff who do come to school, we will be operating with strict enforcement of health and safety measures.

Under Level 3 schools will be open for those children who need to be at school (children where there is not adequate supervision in the home).

For children who are eligible to attend, school will reopen when the BoT and Principal are satisfied that all conditions have been met, resources planned, and programmes and staffing has been completed, and all has been done to ensure the health and safety of children, staff and families. 

A registration form is attached here. Please click on the link Survey Link

Please only fill this questionnaire in if you need to send your child to school. The deadline for responses is 5pm Monday 30th  August.

If you fit the criteria for your child being able to return to school, and wish this to happen, please complete the survey that is attached to this email.

Bubbles have to be created, with children being allocated to designated bubbles.

For the majority of children who will remain at home and be engaged in Home Based Learning, I want to assure you that we will continue to support your child’s learning at home. Staff will continue to be in touch to outline the daily programme and contacts.

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Caring

Nga mihi nui

Paul Shepherd


IMPORTANT Information for Parents

Children returning to Maunu School under Covid19 Alert Level 3

Once it has been confirmed that your child will be returning, you will be told what Bubble/group your child will be in, including the room number they will be working from. Your child is to go to that room at 8.50am each morning to sign in. They will be released from that room at 2.55pm each day. Children are not to be dropped at school before 8.50am as we cannot control the mixing of groups prior to that time. Please do not linger at the school gate and always maintain the 2m distancing required of all outdoor activities under Level 3. 

There is no bus service during Level 3. Children will be picked up from the designated pick up zone for their Bubble. The Drop off and Pick up information will be sent out once Bubbles have been confirmed. You must adhere to these guidelines.

There will be staff on site to ensure we have the ratio required, but not all staff will be at school. Staff still have to maintain their contact with all those children who are still engaged in Home Based Learning in their homes. 

The school day:

  • No child can come to school if they are unwell, especially if they show signs of headaches, sniffles, sore throat or a cough;
  • Parents are to remain in their vehicles when dropping off and picking up children. 
  • The school office is closed. Please make contact by phone.
  • If children are late to school then they are to remain in their parent’s vehicle while the parent phones the school office. Then an appointed staff member will come and collect them from the car park.
  • Your child will be doing the same distance learning as the students who stay at home.
  • Your child should bring their device to school if at all possible;
  • Students will be in a bubble of no more than 20, based around their house group and will not be able to mix with anyone from another bubble – that includes staff;
  • School equipment, including stationary and books, will be severely limited as there is to be as little sharing of materials
  • Bubbles/groups will have different break times where possible and will be strictly monitored as to where they play;
  • There will be restricted use of equipment at school due to H&S requirements;
  • There will be a high level of hygiene practices, as outlined by the Ministry of Health (personal and environmental) so that your child will be as safe as possible at school;
  • There will be no food sold at or through the school, so no Friday sausage sizzle, no sushi and no lunch online.
  • Your child must bring their own food and drink bottle. The fountains will be closed.
  • You will be contacted if your child becomes unwell during the day and they must be removed from the school immediately – so you will need to have an emergency contact;
  • If a child presents negative behaviours, you will be contacted to come and pick them up as we will not have the staff to deal with these types of situations.
Covid 19 Welfare Contact Card
It’s OK to ask for help. As we work through this together, there are people and agencies able to support you.
Here’s a range of advice, help, or support if you need it. If you don’t speak English, you can ask for an interpreter when calling most government departments.
Maunu School 23rd August 2021
Kia ora koutou Greetings to whanau and families
I hope this email finds you all safe and sound. Our thoughts are with all those Essential Workers who are working to keep everything going. We appreciate the work you are doing and the efforts you are making.
To all those who are working to the Level 4 ‘rules’ we thank you – it may be the best way for us to be back to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible.
The announcement at 4pm on Monday 23rd August has us in Level 4 until 11.59pm on Friday 27th August. Teachers will keep posting work on SeeSaw and/or Google Classroom and checking responses. If you are doing other things with your children, that is absolutely fine, please just let your child’s teacher know.
A note as well, that under Level 4 all playgrounds, including the school ones, are closed.
I will keep in touch with you during the week and look forward to a return to schooling at Maunu as soon as possible.
Kind Regards
Nga mihi
Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Caring

Paul Shepherd

Maunu School Access to Internet & Digital Device Survey
20 August 2021
Kia ora koutou,
As we had to move to Level 4 over night on Tuesday 17th August, we were unable to organise distribution of Chromebooks or hard materials to any families that do not have access to a shared family device. This afternoon we have heard there has been an extension to Level 4 until Tuesday 24th August.By now the teachers at Maunu School will have made contact via email or Seesaw to share a variety of links and resources for students to complete Home Learning on. The main point of this lockdown is to keep everyone safe and stop the spread of the virus. Our focus as always will be to support the learning, safety and well being of our students and community.If you DO NOT have at least one family device (excluding a smart phone) at home that can be used to access learning on via Seesaw or Google Classroom, please complete the survey by Sunday 22nd August 5pm. You only need to complete one survey per family. Please add all your children on one survey.Survey Link

If you have a shared family device, there is no need to return this survey.

We will use this information to contact you with a ‘Maunu School device borrowing contact’ and arrange a contactless pick up or delivery of a Chromebook to your lockdown address as soon as possible.

We hope to get back to school as soon as possible. We will keep you informed through our community information newsletters as we hear more.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, if there is something you need assistance with.
Nga Mihi
Paul Shepherd

Maunu School Community Letter

Alert Level 4 – 20 August 2021

Kia Ora to our valued Maunu Community
This newsletter is a followup from the PM’s news conference on Friday 20th at 3pm. 
All of NZ remains at Level 4 until 11.59pm on Tuesday 24 August. 
On Tuesday 24th, the government will make a decision as to what Covid Levels parts of NZ will be in from Wednesday 25th.
As a result, Maunu School will continue with its Home Based Learning programme with teachers posting activities etc on SeeSaw. Please make some effort to respond to the SeeSaw work so that we know everyone is safe and engaged. Teachers will make contact via email and SeeSaw on Monday and Tuesday.
The distribution of school devices is a massive process. There will be a form sent out today asking who doesn’t have access to a device. We only have limited numbers of these, so we ask that only those who have no way of performing Home Based Learning without the use of a device respond.
I will let you know as soon as I have clear, precise and confirmed information about Maunu School reopening – be that at Level 3, 2 or 1.

I know you will all look after each other, make the most of the time together and keep safe.

Nga mihi
Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Caring

Paul Shepherd

Principal, Maunu School

Covid L4 18 August letter to Community

Maunu School Community Letter
Alert Level 4 – 18 August 2021

Kia ora koutou
We are now all in Alert Level 4 which means that our school will not be open
until further notice, for any students.

It is really important we do everything we can to keep our community safe.
Alert Level 4 means we need to stay home in our bubbles and avoid any
travelling as much as possible. Supermarkets, pharmacies, foodbanks and
other essential services will be open – but remember to wear a face covering
if you are out and about (even a scarf wrapped around your mouth and nose
will help). Check in using the NZ COVID Tracer App wherever you go and
please also keep a distance from people you don’t know and wash your
hands well and often, especially before and after using any public facilities.


Your child’s teacher will be in touch with some information to support
learning from home. The main point of this lockdown is to keep
everyone safe and stop the spread of the virus. Please check your
SeeSaw links for information about possible learning activities, links to
learning sites and other information and tips.

Our focus as always will be to support the learning, safety and wellbeing of
our children and community members and we continue to be here to support
you as well.

We hope that we will be able to get back to school as soon as possible. I will
keep you informed through Community Information Sheets.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, if there is something you
need assistance with.
Ngā mihi nui
Paul Shepherd